Vitamin B Complex Foods

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Vitamin b complex foods are vital for a healthy living. The benefits of B vitamins are mind blowing and lead to death if are not supplied to our body regularly.

Benefits that we get from Vitamin B Complex are –

— Relieve PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)

— Reduce heart-disease risk

— Ease Stress

— Treat anxiety and depression

— Aid memory

It can be wisely said that our brain functions using various chemicals which are collectively known as Vitamin B Complex.

The 11 chemicals of the vitamin B complex are critical nutrients for various mental activities like mood, cognition, memory and migraines. In the right amounts, the B’s can suppress anxiety, lift depression, ease premenstrual syndrome, and boost your energy. These vital nutrients can be obtained from foods that are easily available in the market.

These nutrients work as a together as a team. They work invisibly and silently to control our mood and other health related behind-the-scenes work in the body.

Some B vitamins are used by cells to burn fats and glucose for energy. Others are responsible for the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and production and repair of DNA.

Scientists claim that a big chunk of world population don’t get enough vitamin B through their diet; according to specialists, deficiencies in folic acid, B12, and B6 are especially common. Vitamin b complex foods like animal products (meat, poultry), yeast extracts (brewers’ yeast, Marmite), asparagus, broccoli, spinach, bananas, potatoes, dried apricots, dates and figs, milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, nuts, pulses and fish contains Vitamin B complex in large quantity that is enough for a healthy living.

When your stress level is high or your mood is not right, or if your diet is low in B’s, you can always buy Vitamin B Complex supplement after consulting your doctor.

Different type of B’s and their dosage.

The dosage ranges shown in the chart below are generally used for prevention and treatment of specific medical conditions.

Thiamine (B1)

Requirements increase with diets high in carbs and sugars

10-100 mg

Riboflavin (B2)

Higher doses shown to reduce migraine headaches

10-400 mg

Niacinamide (B3)

Helps increase energy; needed for DNA repair; niacin form can cause flushing

50-100 mg

Pyridoxine (B6)

Needed for neurotransmitters, such as serotonin; may relieve PMS

10-50 mg

Pantothenic acid

Speeds wound healing; high doses of panethine form can reduce cholesterol levels

10-100 mg

Folic acid (B9)

Lowers risk of heart disease, stroke, and birth defects; colon-cancer prevention

400-800 mcg

Cyanocobalamin (B12)

May improve memory and reverse mental fogginess

20-1,000 mcg


High dosages, combined with chromium, improve blood-sugar control

30-100 mcg


Required for normal brain and memory function

50-200 mg


Helpful for depression and anxiety attacks

50-200 mg

Para-amino benzoic acid (PABA)

One of the few nutrients helpful in scleroderma, a connective-tissue disease

30-100 mg

Another important nutrient that is required for healthy living is Calcium. It is required for strong bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency can lead to the bone conditions rickets and osteoporosis. Calcium also has a role in blood clotting and the regulation of muscle contractions including the heartbeat. Research suggest that calcium has a role in managing blood pressure and preventing breast and colon cancer.

In addition to milk, there are a variety of calcium rich foods that contain the vital ingredient and can help children and adults in getting sufficient levels of calcium in their daily diet. Milk products like yogurt, cheese, leafy green vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, fruits like oranges, beans and peas like tofu, peanuts, peas, black beans, baked beans, fishes like salmon, sardines and other miscellaneous food stuff like sesame seeds, blackstrap molasses, corn tortillas, almonds and brown sugar can supply enough calcium to your body and keep it fit and strong., as one of the best online stores India, sells high quality food and nutrition supplements that are trusted by millions in our country.


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