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Buy mothercare products online from Zotezo, the best online shopping store in india. Health of your unborn child depends on the food you eat and your lifestyle habits during pregnancy. Good nutrition during pregnancy increases your chances of having a happy and healthy baby. Proper nutrition reduces the risk of certain medical conditions in your child that might make him or her suffer in coming years. We sell pregnancy test kit India as well. Zotezo sells mothercare products online.

Zotezo is an online shopping store in India and sells high quality pregnancy test kit India at attractive prices. What to eat for two during pregnancy?  Pregnancy may be planned or come to you as a surprise. You may have waited long enough for a positive pregnancy test or this pregnancy this pregnancy might have taken you by surprise, whatever the reason is,Youmust be careful about your eating habits. Although it is not expected, many women begin pregnancy with deficiency of nutrients essential to a healthy pregnancy, including iron, calcium, and brain-building fatty acids. A proper diet is the most important and valuable gift that a pregnant and nursing mother can give to her child. So, it is advisable to focus on the quality and quantity of food you eat during pregnancy. If you don’t feel the importance of nutrition now, when will you?

Undeniably. Doctorssay that, along with other healthy behaviours during pregnancy, eating right food influences a child’s healthand safety at birth, and beyond. It is always true the ‘we are what we eat’, but for a child, it isn’t only what he/she eats, but also what his/her mother ate during pregnancy. Modern researchers suggest that, research shows that mom’s lifestyle affects her baby’s chances for medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Getting sufficient amount of folic acid helps your child in becoming the healthiest person possible. During the first month of pregnancy, folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects, including back bone defects. Doctors recommend to take a daily multivitamin with 400 micrograms folic acid until you replace it with a prescription prenatal vitamin and mineral supplement. Choose grains that contain high amount of folic acid and include the item in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat as much as you like.

Multivitamins are amazing. These nutrients do more than supplying the essential folic acid for developing babies, according to a population study conducted by scientists of a renowned university. If you can’t decide on taking prenatal vitamins or you’re having unwanted side effects, talk to your doctor about other, safe options.


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