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This article will tell you how to turn your reddened, sometimes ashy skin into Skin That Will Mesmerize Your Admirers. Here we go.

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Get skin in tip-top shape

The best way to make your skin look healthy is to eat, drink and sleep well. The healthier your skin, the less makeup you’ll require. Cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating your skin will help you get natural glow and overtime, you will need just a little concealer and very little foundation to get that jaw dropping look.

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Never forget to slather on primer or moisturizer before foundation

Applying a primer to your face helps the concealer and foundation to spread on smoothly and doesn’t settle into your fine lines or wrinkles. You may use moisturizer works as well but it is not as good as a primer. Apply foundation within a minute of the primer or moisturizer application before your skin absorbs it completely.

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Concealer before foundation

Always apply concealer first and you won’t need as much foundation. Apply concealer under eyes, along the nose and on the chin. While applying concealer, pay special attention to the red areas around the nose. Dot concealer on these areas, look at the mirror and see how much brighter your face is.

Avoid full foundation coverage

Not many of us need to apply foundation all over the face. You just need to apply foundation where you have uneven skin tone (usually along your nose). During the winter, if your cheeks tend to get ruddy, apply there as well. A tinted moisturizer which goes on much lighter than typical foundations is always a better option.

Blend foundation correctly

If you need more coverage, use a foundation brush. Always start in the center of your face, blending outward. Special attention needs to be paid around the neck; otherwise the line where you stopped will be visible and will spoil your look.

Picking proper color and formula for your skin type

Ideally, the color of your foundation should match the color of your skin tone. Select the color that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Never use foundation to have a darker complexion, it will look very obvious. You may use a bronzer for a sun-kissed look. Two shades of foundation are required, one for summer when skin is naturally darker, and one for winter when skin is lighter. Mix them in the in-between months.

If you have an oily skin, go for a matte foundation. Dry skin? Try a hydrating formula. One last tip: The best spot is actually along your jaw line and not the back of your hand.

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