Beauty Products

Vega Foot Brush

Zotezo is a reputed online shopping site that sells hair brush, vega hair dryer and vega Foot Brush at attractive prices. When hair problems like static, grease, limpness worry you, you change shampoos, use styling products and even blow dry with Vega hair dryer or straighten your hair. But the best thing that you can practice at home is brushing your hair the right way. We think that brushing our hair is as easy as washing our hands or pouring a cup of tea in the morning, but it’s not as easy as you would think. Let’s see how we do it wrong. Running the Vega hair brush from the root to the tip. Starting at the root and pulling the hair down to the tip can make the hair come out of the follicle, snapping it. Starting to comb a few inches up from the tip, getting rid of tangles, then moving up a few inches, removing more tangles and working up to the root in these small sections. Zotezo sells Vega foot brush as well.

Brushing when wet.

When we need to rush, we comb our wet hair often. The hair fibers, filled with moisture, stretch, fall out or break. Always let your hair dry before combing.

Detangling with a paddle brush.

Using a paddle brush to detangle can kill the beauty of your hair. You should use a wide-tooth comb after applying a detangling product. You need a spray for fine hair, a lotion for medium thickness and a cream for thick or coarse hair – pick up something that is suitable for your hair type. The slippery hair will let the comb glide through without damaging the hair.

Brushing too much.

Over brushing your hair spoils its beauty. Brushing can actually cause more breakage. The quality of the brushing is important and not the number of strokes. Just eliminate the knots and you’re done.

Using the wrong brush.

Brushing is a beauty solution when the brush you use is suitable for your hair. Natural boar bristle brushes are always better than brushes made with synthetic bristles because these brushes can distribute your hair’s natural oils through the mid-lengths and ends.

Using dirty brushes.

Many people forget to wash and keep their brushes. Wash your hair brush once a week. The bristles get clogged up from stray hairs and excess product build-up. Brushing with a clean brush will make your dressing session refreshing. After removing any hair caught in bristles, wash the brush with a shampoo, hand wash and warm water. Rinse the brush well and place on a towel to dry.

Causing static with your brush.

Static from the friction caused by rough and excessive brushing can be prevented by using hairspray on the brush to control flyways. Rubbing a few drops of hair oil between your fingertips and running fingers through the hair can solve the problem too.


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