Japani Oil

In today’s world, stress, pollution and lifestyle have made many men incapable of leading a healthy and fun-filled life. It is a fact now that many men are not showing interest in bedtime love and are shameful to speak about it. Here comes the Japani tel or oil as a life-saver. The manufacturer claims that this herbal medicine effectively helps to rejuvenate a patient’s tired or non-performing penis and makes your love life much more satisfying and powerful. Men love the product as it fixes various problems like pre-mature ejaculation, lack of lust, lack of energy and lack of confidence. The oil is claimed to cure impotency as well. It is a cool remedy that is available in almost every medicine shop and has thousands of dedicated customers. It is safe to use as it is completely herbal and with no side effect (as claimed by manufacturers). The oil contains no harmful chemicals and is safe for regular use. It improves stamina and increases sexual fitness many times. Regular use of this oil will make you a respectful man in the eyes of your partner.

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Benefits and uses of this Japani tel.

Increase the sexual stamina

Prevents premature ejaculation

Boosts the libido in men

Safe product and increase the vigor

You experience harder erection

No harmful chemicals

A remedy for impotency in men

Nourishes your body and mind

The oil contains some great ingredients which makes you sexually active. It is an effective treatment and shows excellent results.

Each 10ml of Japani Oil contains:

Harttal 125 mg

Keshar 50 mg

Malla 50 mg

Akarkara 100 mg

Malkangni 25 mg

Tilli oil QS

Laung 100 mg

Jaitoon Oil QS

Now let’s see how to use Japani Oil.

How to use Japani oil:

Just massage your penis after applying this oil with your hand softly with this oil.10 to 15drops at bed time and in the morning

Size available: 15ml bottle

Note: for better results you should use 3 to 4 bottles

Side effects: No proven side effects yet. It is for external use only. Do not apply this liquid on the open part or cut of sex organ. To be used by men.


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