Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

Buying a home pregnancy test kit for personal use can be worrisome, especially when you’re not sure whether you will get an accurate result. This post will help you to understand when and how to use a home pregnancy test and some of its possible risks of home testing.

The right time to use prega news pregnancy test kit —

In general every pregnancy test kit works more or less accurately irrespective of their price. Many mother care products and test kits claim to detect pregnancy as early as the first day of a missed period. But when you are using it at home, it is always better to use it one week after a missed period. Inside a woman’s body, a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine lining and the placenta rapidly produces the hormone called human chorionic ganadotrophin(HCG). This HCG mixes with the blood stream and urine. The level of HCG in the blood increases quickly (often doubling every two to three days and after a week, any prega news pregnancy test kit can easily detect the presence of this hormone to give you the good or bad news. Modern pregnancy test kits for home use are very reliable, but your doctor might recommend further lab testing which is always a better option. The best way to confirm pregnancy is by testing the blood. Detecting HCG hormone in blood is easier; the test is more sensitive and can be done in most hospitals and medical centers.

How to use a home pregnancy test?

Go to a drug store and you will find hundreds of brands selling hundreds of pregnancy test kits that come in various color, design and their unique claim. Every kit is basically designed to collect a few drops of urine to check for HCG. The dipstick comes with a small hole that collects urine sample or you may need to hold the marked end of the dipstick for 5 to 10 seconds in your urine stream or immerse it in a container of collected urine. These kits displays the test result using a plus or minus sign, a line or lines, a changing color or the word “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

Remember that you should never try to use a prega news pregnancy test kit without reading the instruction manual because instructions might vary from kit to kit. Read the instruction thoroughly before you take the test. For any quarry about how to use the test kit or interpret the result, contact the customer care department of the manufacturer or you may visit the website of the manufacturer.

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

Manufacturers claim that their product can detect the presence of HCG on the first day you miss your period and the result is displayed with 99 percent accuracy. But, it is always better to go for a blood test. Zotezo sells mothercare products and pregnancy test kit and the price is very competitive.


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