Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Kamasutra condoms India is the second most popular brand in the country. The manufacturer, J.K. Ansell Ltd. (JKAL) is a 50:50 joint venture between Raymond Group, India’s largest fabric and branded apparel company, and Ansell Limited. The factory is in Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, India with a manufacturing capacity of 350 million pieces per annum. KamaSutra condoms were launched in 1991. Prior to the formation of the joint venture in 1996, the condom division was part of J.K. Chemicals Ltd., a subsidiary of the Raymond Group.

kamasutra condoms
kamasutra condoms
kamasutra condoms

Zotezo also sells jaguar power gel.

jaguar power gel

Kama Sutra comes in various flavour and varieties – Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured, Long Last, Super thin, Intensity (multi-textured), Smooth (plain, extra lubricated), extra large, flared and flavored/scented condoms.

Ever teen Natural Intimate Wash is available at Zotezo.

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash


The marketing campaign was a hit and featured two of India’s top models of the time – Pooja Bedi and Marc Robinson. Photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta shot the models.

In April 2009, Kama Sutra condoms came out with an idea that went viral and which aimed at reminding people to use condoms. As they that sex is mostly searched, seen, found, discussed and accessed primarily using a computer, they developed an app which uses a keystroke sensor for the word sex and if found Kama Sutra condom pack drops down. This application enabled sharing between friends through the internet, where a person can select the Kama Sutra condom variant, insert a personalized message for his friend and then send it out.

The two main reasons to wear a condom are –

1. Effective against sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted infections effect million of lives across the globe and the end in dreadful for patients and their family. These diseases are usually passed on during unprotected sexual intercourse and wearing a condom protects you from all these. It is advised not to use lambskin condoms since they contain microscopic holes, which may cause fluids to leak and for certain viruses to pass through.

2. Protection from Unexpected Pregnancy

Using condom helps you and your partner to avoid near future parenthood. Using a condom will help you to enjoy your life tension free as condoms have a 98% success rate when it comes from preventing unwanted or unexpected pregnancies.


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