Pregnancy Test Kit Price

Mankind is one of the most popular brands in the world of contraceptive products, over-the-counter medicines, pregnancy detection cards, artificial sweeteners and many more. The manufacturer produces superior grade products and markets them at affordable price. Brands like Manforce, Prega News, Gas-O-Fast, Addiction and Heal-O-Kind have captured a major share in the OTC medicine market.

Zotezo sells Mankind products.

Mankind Products Unwanted-72

Addiction (Strong Deo For Men) –

The Magic of Rio, The Magic of Vegas and The Magic of Hawaii are the three variants available in the market. All the fragrances come in 150ml pack. Rio, Vegas, and Hawaii are available in 45ml, carry along packs as well. There are ‘No Gas’ Does as well – Energy, Impact and Force guarantees long lasting and powerful fragrance.

We have a cool collection of mothercare India products.

MotherCare Products India


Cutting edge technology is used to produce this medicine that heals all types of injuries, wounds, nicks, bruises and burns. The strong anti-bacterial ointment gets absorbed into the skin for faster and scars-less healing. It is available in 2 pack sizes – 10g and 25g.


A sweet solution for diabetic food lovers. This artificial sweetener is very useful for diabetes and helps to maintain overall fitness and helps you live a healthy life. Kaloree-1 is available in 2 pack sizes, i.e. 300+100 tablets and 100+10 tablets.

Prega News

Another great product – A home pregnancy test kit that gives a result in just 5 minutes.

Prega News Advance

This amazing home pregnancy test kit makes your life so easy by making you aware of your pregnancy is minutes. Visiting your doctor is always the best choice but being 100% sure about your pregnancy before hand is definitely more relaxing. With Preganews Advance, you can get to see the result in just 3 minutes.

The ergonomic design of the test kit makes it easier to handle and read result. The special design makes dropper and container unnecessary. Accuracy rate of 99% helps you to live a tension free life.


Now get instant relief from gas and hyperacidity. It contains Ayurvedic salt of Sodium Bicarbonate (Svarjiksara and Nimbukamlam) that treats heartburn, hyperacidity and gas instantly within seconds. You can have Gas-O-Fast in various flavors like Guava, Orange, Cola, Jaljeera, Lemon and Regular flavours. The Gas-O-Fast Plus tablet contains digestive enzymes that help in treating indigestion, gas and hyperacidity.


Manforce is one of the popular premium quality condoms in India. Manforce condoms are available in 4 exciting variants, available in 3s and 10s packing: 3 in 1 Wild Condoms, Extra Dotted, Stay Long and Plain. The 3 in 1 Wild Condoms comes in amazing Chocolate, Strawberry, Black Grapes and Coffee flavours. Extra Dotted is available is Green Apple and Butterscotch flavours and Plain variant is available in arousing Jasmine and Banana flavours. The 3 in 1 variants come in 20s pack, and the arousing Guava, Paan, Rose, Mango and Mix Fruits flavours are also available in 2s packing.

Check pregnancy test kit price at Zotezo

Pregnancy Test Kit in India at Best Price

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