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Best Hair Oil in India

You may naturally have more hair on your body than others and you may not be happy about it. You may like flowing hair but may not like those unnecessary growth on your body. Beside women many men these days are worried about their body hair which they think as something they don’t deserve and need something to get rid of those hairs permanently.

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If you’re feeling too hairy outside and searching for a remedy to remove unwanted patches of body hair, permanent hair removal cream for men may be the answer. Some men like to shave off their body hair but the effect is too temporary and your skin may become rough beside the getting cuts, infections and wounds.

The challenge of reaching some of those difficult spots is there. Hair removal options like laser and electrolysis are time-consuming, expensive and perhaps too permanent and carry many potential side effects.

Depilatories, more commonly known as hair removal creams offer easy and convenient way of removing unwanted body hair. Depilatories break down the hair’s protein structure so that the hair comes out of the skin easily when you rub off the cream.

You just need to wipe on, wipe off. Using a hair removal creams may seem to be easy, but as with any skin treatment, you should know your products before you run out to buy them and start slathering them on. The effectiveness of a hair removal creams depends on your hair and skin type. The body part on which you’re applying cream and the amount of hair you have are factors, too. Generally, as many men do, you may use depilatories once a week. Hair removal creams also have potential side effects, some of which can be painful.

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Before you put something on your skin, you should always know its chemical composition and possible side effect. Depilators contain a few different alkaline chemicals, such as sodium thioglycolate, strontium sulfide and calcium thioglycolate that react with the hair on your body.

This permanent hair removal cream for men come as gels, lotions, aerosols or roll-ons. Once rubbed or sprayed onto the skin, the formulation breaks down the chemical bonds that hold the keratin protein structure of your hair together. The hair becomes weak enough to fall loose from its follicle. Now it is easy to rub or wash off patches of hair.

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Mustard Oil for Hair

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Hair and Skin:

Mustard oil can be an excellent treatment for skin and hair. The oil is often used in aroma therapy and massage sessions. You can always use mustard oil if you are not allergic to it, else, go for a patch test. Always use cold pressed mustard oil. Some of the benefits of this oil for skin are as follows. Green tea for hair India is also becoming a popular remedy for many hair problems.

1. Reduces Tan and Dark Spots:

Mustard oil is effective in removing tan and dark spots to give you a naturally glowing skin. Make a face mask by mixing mustard oil, besan (Bengal gram flour), curd and a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your face. Rinse with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. This should be done thrice a week for best results.

2. Lightens the Skin:

Make your facial skin smooth by applying a mixture of mustard oil and coconut oil on your face and massage the area in circles for 5-6 minutes. Gently wipe your face with a soft and moist cotton cloth. This will stimulate blood circulation, thus lightening your skin as well as getting rid of pimples.

3. Natural Sunscreen:

Due to its thick consistency and high levels of vitamin E, topical application of this oil may resist the harmful ultraviolet rays and other pollutants, thus preventing skin cancer. Vitamin E prevents ageing and wrinkles besides acting as a sun shield. Always buy mankind products because they are reliable and the price is reasonable.

4. Stimulates Sweat Glands:

Mustard oil, when consumed or applied topically, stimulates the sweat glands and opens the pores of the skin. Thus, it helps in reducing the body temperature and removes unwanted toxins, water and salts from the body.

5. Treats Rashes and Infections:

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of mustard oil are effective in treating rashes and other skin infections. It protects your skin from dryness, dullness and itching. To rejuvenate and clean your skin, massage your body with mustard oil. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties are effective in reducing skin inflammation and facilitate quick healing of cuts and wounds.

6. Lip Care:

Say goodbye to dry chapped lips, even when lip balms or chap sticks prove to be useless. Before going to bed, just apply one or two drops of mustard oil on your belly button and you will never have dry or chapped lips. This is an age old practice in India which has proven to be effective in moisturizing and softening your lips. Never forget the benefits that mustard oil for hair provides.

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Makeup Kit Online India

Makeup is the most fascinating as well as confusing thing for women who have no experience in using make up kit online India. Its fun to use and buy beauty products online but it may be difficult to choose the right one. This article will tell you what exactly you need in your kit and how not to waste money on random makeup items you never know how to use. What you need is listed below.

Concealer – It is better to select a creamy formula to hide under-eye circles and cover blemishes.

Foundation – No need to slather it all over your face— apply it on the area with uneven skin tone or discoloration. Use a tinted moisturizer when you don’t need as much coverage as foundation provides.

Blush – A warm tone adds a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks.

Translucent powder – A quick, light dusting of powder sets makeup and controls shine.

Mascara – Define your eyes by enhancing your lashes. Stick with basic black (or dark brown if you have light hair and lashes).

Neutral eye shadow – A neutral beige or taupe is an instant brightener when applied all over the lid.

Defining eye shadow – Best will be a medium, neutral shade like a warm brown or charcoal gray. Brush it in the crease of the eye, under the brow bone, to add depth.

Eye liner – A darker shade of eye shadow may be used as a liner along the lashes—or use a dark brown or black pencil to create a thin line that will define and enhance your eyes.

Lipstick – How about some color? Lipstick (or gloss, if you want a more casual look) is to pep up your look.

Fluffy powder brush – A one big, rounded brush to dust on powder once you’ve finished your makeup.

Blush brush – Smaller than your powder brush and is the right size for dabbing the cheeks and blending along the cheekbones.

Eye shadow brush – An all-over brush that gets your lid covered in one swipe.

Crease brush – This smaller, rounded brush used to make up the crease when you add a darker shade for definition.

Eye liner brush – A small, flat, angled brush, used to line the eyes or add a bit of brow powder to thin eyebrows.

Tweezers – Clean up any stray hairs around your brows that sprout up in between brow appointments.

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Protein Supplements India

People strengthen and build muscle simply by eating right and working at the gym. But to make sure that every muscle grows properly and quickly, nothing is better than good food supplements. In this article we will learn about best bodybuilding supplements India that give real value for money.

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These are not can’t-do-without supplements or the less crucial yet still highly effective ingredients for rapid muscle growth. When you have a tight budget for buying gym equipments online and can’t decide which supplements to buy, this article might help you.


Whey is No.1 in the list of mass-gain supplements because it’s the most crucial for boosting protein synthesis. As a milk protein that has a high level of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs, No. 4 on our list), it is a body builder’s favorite. It is considered the best of all because it digests fast and gets to your muscles rapidly to start building muscle. Peptides (small proteins), present in whey increase blood flow to the muscles. Experts recommend consuming whey protein immediately after training.

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One should take 20 grams of whey protein powder in the 30 minutes before working out, and take 40 grams within 60 minutes after training. Taking 20-40 grams of whey immediately upon waking every morning kick-starts muscle growth. Pick up a whey powder that contains whey protein hydrolysates (whey protein broken down into smaller fragments for faster digestion) or whey protein isolate.

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The next best to whey is casein protein powder. Casein is not that easy to digest as one of the protein supplements India, yet this makes it ideal as a pre-bedtime snack because it prevents catabolism while you sleep by emptying slowly and steadily. You feel less full, which makes it a great snack for those who want to pack on muscle mass. New research suggests that when it’s taken post workout, casein boosts muscle protein synthesis much like whey does. It’s even suggested that a whey and casein protein shake taken after training increases muscle growth better than either protein taken alone. A case in protein that contains micellar casein (the slowest-digesting casein you can buy) is the best and you need to take 20-40 grams right before going to bed. After workouts, add 10-20 grams of casein to your whey protein. Also, use 20-40 grams of casein in your protein shakes between meals.

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Best Shampoo for Hair Growth

Indian women love their hair and their hair loves best hair serum in India. Who doesn’t want a shinier, healthier and silky untangled hair? And hair serum gives you what you deserve – beauty. The serum when applied on hair forms a shiny coating that reflects light making it look clean, fresh and healthy. Your hair is also protected from humidity and dust. The protective layer of hair serum resists harmful radiation from the sun and keeps your hair protected harmful chemicals.

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Many women use hair serum as a preventive measure against dry and damaged hair. It is best to use hair serum when your hair turns exceptionally dull or tangled or for protection against too much heat and chemical reactions caused while using hair styling products and gadgets.

In this article we will tell you how to use hair serum and get the best result.

Brand matters. Never compromise on brand. Always pick up the best and premium products available in the market. Trying to cut down on the cost may not be a good idea when you want the desired results for your hair.

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How to apply. The basic funda -serum is not for scalp, its for your hair. Apply it gently on your hair and comb it using your finger or a comb. At times it is possible that your dries out after application of serum. Don’t worry, just change your brand.

Your hair serum should work in tune with your other hair care products like shampoo and conditioner you have to understand what combination works best for your hair.

Using too much of anything is bad, and that holds true for hair serum as well. It’s wiser to use the serum in moderate quantities, not daily, or in case you need it each day, use it in little quantity.

Serum works best when your hair is damp or towel dried, not dripping wet.

Pour a few drops of the serum on your palms and rub it through the fingers, then run along your hair. Pay attention to the roots of your hair and once done, comb or brush through.

Never over-use hair serum consistently without washing hair, as this will lead to greasy hair and dandruff. Make sure your hair is washed and clean before using a hair serum.


Gym Equipments Online Shopping

It seems muscle men and women are are more interested in taking bodybuilding supplements India for fast and effective output. Go to any supermarket and you will find a galaxy of protein supplements on the shelves and they are selling like hotcakes. When we talk about protein supplements, we refer to protein-enriched cereals and even “high”-protein oatmeal or soy or whey.

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You are what you eat. The best way of getting protein for your body is through food that we eat daily. But it is not always possible for a body builder to supply enough protein to his/her muscular body through food. The solution is protein supplement.

The Benefits

Lets see why body builders are fond of protein supplements. Protein builds muscles are also used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components. Protein deficiency can damage any cell, tissue, and organ and stop biological activities like cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing . Without an adequate amount of protein our muscles can’t regenerate rapidly and a little over training can lead to injury. Protein supplements are best for people who want to put on muscle and enhance their physiques as well as improve their health. Micro tears are caused when muscles contracts intensely during workout sessions.

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Its not possible for many to eat enough food quickly during workout and after a workout is one of the best time to get protein into the body so that the protein can be delivered to your muscles, to begin healing the micro tears. Solid food takes time to be digested and retrieving and processing protein to be sent to muscles are really time consuming. Protein shakes takes just 30 minutes to reach muscles after ingestion.

Which Protein Is The Best Choice?

Now lets see which is best protein supplement for a particular need and which product to use. The quality of a protein is measured in Biological Value (or BV for short), which is the amount of nitrogen (body protein in grams) replaceable by 100 grams of protein in the adult diet.

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Proteins with the highest BV, as claimed by many, helps you nourish your body faster and properly. The higher the BV, the better the protein is digested, used, and stored in the body resulting more lean tissue gain. This claim is debatable. Whey is a complete protein with a very high BV and this means it contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids and boasts the highest branched-chain amino acid content found in nature. The BV of whey is approximately 104, while the next highest BV is 100, for whole egg. In contrast, the BV of whole milk is 91, the BV of casein is 77, beef is 80, soy is 74, wheat is 54, and beans are 49.


Top 10 Protein Supplements

Here is a list of India’s top 10 protein supplements

  1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

Muscle Building Whey Protein Powder

24g of Whey Protein with Amino Acids for Muscle Recovery and Growth

9.2 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: Whey Protein

  1. Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy

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Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy

Amino Acid Powder for Increased Energy

Train Longer and Harder with Intense Energy and Focus

8.9 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Increase Energy

Main Ingredient: Amino Acid

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  1. JYM Pre JYM

Pre-Workout Powder Powerhouse

Scientifically Advanced All-In-One Formula for Improved Workouts

9.2 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Improve Workout

Main Ingredient: Beta-Alanine

  1. BPI Sports Best BCAA

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BPI Sports Best BCAA

Amino Acid Powder for Workout Recovery

Promotes Lowered Body Fat Levels, Increased Strength, & Improves Muscle Repair

9.2 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: BCAAs

  1. MuscleTech Phase8

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MuscleTech Phase8

Muscle Building Protein Powder Blend

Sustained Release Protein with Amino Acids for Longer Muscle Building Benefits*

9 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: Whey Protein

  1. BSN Syntha-6

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BSN Syntha-6

Ultra-Premium Protein Matrix

Blended Protein Formula with a Real Milkshake like Taste

9.2 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: Whey Protein

  1. JYM Pro JYM

Blended Protein Supplement for Maximum Effectiveness

Made with the Highest Quality Whey, Casein, and Egg Proteins

9.5 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: Whey Protein Isolate

  1. Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

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Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

Fast Acting Protein Powder to Build Muscle

Great Tasting Protein with Minimal Fat and Carbs and Added Digestive Enzymes*

9.1 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Build Muscle

Main Ingredient: Whey Protein


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Intense Pre-Workout Powder for Increased Energy, Power, & Focus

Supports Cognitive Function, Enhances Mood, Expands Muscle Endurance, and Helps to Delay Fatigue

9.1 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Improve Workout

Main Ingredient: Beta-Alanine

  1. Cellucor C4

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Cellucor C4

Advanced Pre-Workout for Increased Energy and Focus

Great Tasting Powder to Provide an Explosive Surge of Motivation

8.5 out of 10 Excellent Rate Products

Supported Goal: Improve Workout

Main Ingredient: Beta-Alanine

Every product can be called the best protein supplement in India.