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Applying the right kind of foundation on your skin is important because too much or too little can spoil your look and persona. Picking up the right kind of foundation or any other types of cosmetic online India can be tricky. You need to be very careful about your look because the idea of using one is to look naturally flawless without abusing the product.

Zotezo promotes makeup kit online. Foundation is available in different forms like cream, stick, liquid and powder. You must pick up a formula based on your skin type.

Women with dry skin must choose a liquid, stick, or hydrating powder foundation or face care products online. Liquids and sticks both have a creamy (moisturizing) consistency, and hydrating powders are blended with ingredients that deliver moisture to the skin and offer more coverage than regular pressed powders. Products of this type are labeled as “compact makeup” or “foundation” on the product packaging.

People with oily skin should use oil-free liquid or powder foundation. These products contain powders that absorb oil, leaving a matte, smooth finish. Mineral makeup is effective on oily skin. If someone has pimples on his or her face, a foundation that contains salicylic acid can be beneficial.

If you have a balanced skin tone, applying a powder foundation will allow to distribute more of the oil-absorbing makeup where needed and less where not required.

Inexperienced users may try a powder foundation that’s right for their skin type. It is easy to use, and it disappears into the skin more easily than liquid formulas.

Always remember to press a naked velvet puff to your face after applying foundation. Doing this helps absorb any excess and push the foundation into the skin. A puff or brush may be used to apply a light veil of translucent powder, which will set the foundation.