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People find you more beautiful if you smell good. Perfumes and colognes do just that. These bottled liquids have the ability to mesmerize people around you and make you feel special.

Picking up the right fragrances online India

Modern perfumes are created blending different “notes”. “Notes” are unique smells that when combined with other notes, create the magical effect of the perfume.  A right combination of “notes” makes a scent unique and appealing.

Most perfumes have three layers of “notes” – the base, the middle, and the top. These layers work together to create the desired effect. Layers can be floral, fruity, spicy, or something more masculine like musk and leather. From elements like rose, gardenia, or geranium to undertones of citrus or apple, all sorts of pleasing smells are used to create a bottle of French perfume. Exotic perfumes may contain spicy notes like star anise or even cinnamon.

The price of a perfume may depend on the levels of concentration. Perfumes with higher level of concentration last longer and each bottle comes with premium price tag. Perfumes are categorized based on their level of concentration. They are –

1.       Perfume or Parfum – expensive, lasts all day

2.       Eau De Parfum – moderately priced, last for 6 hours

3.       Eau De Toilette – affordable price, requires more than one application

4.       Eau De Cologne – not pricey, lasts for about two hours

Wearing a perfume is like wearing an invisible cloth that helps you to lift your mood and attend any professional or social gathering with confidence. The way you do a lot of research before buying new clothes, you must do a lot of research before buying a bottle of good perfume as well. Next time you visit the store, do a simple sniff test of the bottle first to understand what it smells like. Try a bit of the fragrance on your skin, sniff and feel the effect. You may take help of some of your friends for feedback. Online shopping offers testers to help you pick up the right perfume for your skin.

Always remember that perfumes work by combining itself with your body’s natural odor. The smell of hormones, sweat and pheromones can slightly or even extremely alter the way a fragrance smells. Consider avoiding perfumed makeup or clothes while going to a cosmetic store. Spray a small amount on your wrists, wait a few moments, and then smell the scent on your skin.