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People love to use hair styling products India because these products are designed to make you look great and make your hair manageable. Many men and women use these products like a pro and many might be doing it wrong. Here are few tips to add beauty and life to your mane and use hair care products the right way.

Hair Cream

Hair creams should be used on dry hair to calm frizz, but the way you apply it needs to change. Many fashion conscious men and women apply it all over the hair and in huge quantity. The best practice is not to apply it to the roots because it greases up the hair. Quantity, the size of a quarter, is more than enough.


Serum is meant to be applied after blow-drying to seal the cuticle and to give the hair shine.  You should apply more at the ends of the hair, not at the roots, which is a common mistake people make. Using it at the roots gives you less volume and heavier hair.

Oil Treatment

Know that using an oil treatment on dry hair is dangerous. Always use only a small amount of oil to treat your hair because too much oil will result in greasy hair. Washing your hair with a shampoo after the hot oil treatment is the best practice. You will get best ayurvedic hair oil at Zotezo.

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo temporarily removes the natural oils of your scalp and gives the appearance of cleaner hair. But wash your hair every once in awhile. Apply more towards the roots and always massage in and brush out so you do not get the white powdery build-up.


Remember that less is more and apply only to the root. People wind up with sticky build-up and dull hair that weighs down with no shine.

Sea Salt Spray

This is used on naturally dried hair or naturally wavy hair after styled to create a messy beach look. Never apply the beach spray first because it should be applied after hair is styled and after all other styling products. Do not apply to the roots directly as it greases up your roots. For best results, apply midway down the hair to the bottom of your locks, then scrunch up.


The best practice is to hold that can farther away. Always spray around 12 inches back or you will wind up with one area of hairspray build-up. Zotezo sells hair colour online India.